Tablecloth 6336

For a round table with a diameter of 75 cm, you need to sew a tablecloth that should extend 10 cm around the table. A 1.5 cm slat is added to the border. How many square meters of lath do we need for this table?

Correct answer:

x =  0.7543 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

D=75 cm m=75:100  m=0.75 m r=D/2=0.75/2=83=0.375 m a=10 cm m=10:100  m=0.1 m b=1.5 cm m=1.5:100  m=0.015 m  r2=r+a+b=0.375+0.1+0.015=10049=0.49 m  x=π r22=3.1416 0.492=0.7543 m2

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