Electrified 6472

The electrified carpet was rectangular, 16 square meters in area, and no two points on it were more than 7 meters apart. What different circuits can carpets that meet these conditions have?

Correct answer:

o1 =  18.5714 m
o2 =  16 m

Step-by-step explanation:

S=16 m2 S= ab o = 2(a+b)  a  7; b  7 a1=7 m b1=S/7=16/7=7162.2857 m o1=2 (a1+b1)=2 (7+2.2857)=18.5714 m
a2=S=16=4 m b2=a2=4 m  o2=2 (a2+b2)=2 (4+4)=16=16 m  o2  o  o1 16  o  18.571

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