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The department consists of 80 children and adults. The camp cost them a total of 116,400 CZK. Each child paid 1200 CZK and each adult 1800 CZK. How many adult participants were there, how much did the children pay for the camp, and who paid more money for the camp, and by how much?

Correct answer:

a =  34
x =  55200 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

a+b=80 1800a+1200b=116400  a+b=80 1800 a+1200 b=116400  a+b=80 1800a+1200b=116400  Pivot:Row1Row2 1800a+1200b=116400 a+b=80  Row218001 Row1Row2 1800a+1200b=116400 0.33b=15.33  b=0.3333333315.33333333=46 a=18001164001200b=18001164001200 46=34  a=34 b=46
x=1200 b=1200 46=55200=55200 Kc y=1800 a=1800 34=61200 Kc  x<y

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