Geometric progression 4

There is number sequence: 8,4√2,4,2√2

Prove that the sequence is geometric. Find the common ratio and the following three members.

Correct answer:

q =  0.7071
a5 =  2
a6 =  1.4142
a7 =  1

Step-by-step explanation:

a1=8 a2=4 2=4 25.6569 a3=4 a4=2 2=2 22.8284  q1=a2/a1=5.6569/80.7071 q2=a3/a2=4/5.65690.7071 q3=a4/a3=2.8284/40.7071  q1=q2=q3 q=q3=0.7071
a5=q a4=0.7071 2.8284=2
a6=q a5=0.7071 2=2=1.4142
a7=q a6=0.7071 1.4142=1

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