Trevor wishes to tile the floor of his bathroom. The bathroom is rectangular and is 4.2m long and 3.3m wide. The tiles are 30cm by 30cm. Calculate the cost to tile the floor if each tile costs 72 cents.


p =  110.88 USD


a=4.2 m b=3.3 m  t=30 cm=30/100 m=0.3 m S1=t2=0.32=9100=0.09 m2 S2=a b=4.2 3.3=69350=13.86 m2  n1=a/t=4.2/0.3=14 n2=b/t=3.3/0.3=11  n=S2/S1=13.86/0.09=154 n3=n1 n2=14 11=154  n=n3  p=0.72 n=0.72 154=277225=110.88 USDa=4.2 \ \text{m} \ \\ b=3.3 \ \text{m} \ \\ \ \\ t=30 \ cm=30 / 100 \ m=0.3 \ m \ \\ S_{1}=t^2=0.3^2=\dfrac{ 9 }{ 100 }=0.09 \ \text{m}^2 \ \\ S_{2}=a \cdot \ b=4.2 \cdot \ 3.3=\dfrac{ 693 }{ 50 }=13.86 \ \text{m}^2 \ \\ \ \\ n_{1}=a/t=4.2/0.3=14 \ \\ n_{2}=b/t=3.3/0.3=11 \ \\ \ \\ n=S_{2}/S_{1}=13.86/0.09=154 \ \\ n_{3}=n_{1} \cdot \ n_{2}=14 \cdot \ 11=154 \ \\ \ \\ n=n_{3} \ \\ \ \\ p=0.72 \cdot \ n=0.72 \cdot \ 154=\dfrac{ 2772 }{ 25 }=110.88 \ \text{USD}

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