Eq with reciprocal

Solve given equation with reciprocal member:


Correct result:

a1 =  0.5944
a2 =  -10.0944


a6/a+10=4/8  a6a+10=48 a<>0  a26+10a=4/8a  a26+10a=4/8a a2+9.5a6=0  p=1;q=9.5;r=6 D=q24pr=9.5241(6)=114.25 D>0  a1,2=q±D2p=9.5±114.252 a1,2=4.75±5.34438958161 a1=0.594389581608 a2=10.0943895816   Factored form of the equation:  (a0.594389581608)(a+10.0943895816)=0  a1=0.5944

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