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An airplane flies at a speed of 920 km/h at an altitude of 11 km above the surface of the Earth, where the air density is p = 0.36 kg/m3. Determine the pressure difference above and below the plane's wing if the top of the plane is 10% longer than the bottom.

Correct answer:

Δ =  2468.67 Pa

Step-by-step explanation:

v1=920 km/h m/s=920:3.6  m/s=255.55556 m/s h=11 km m=11 1000  m=11000 m ρ=0.36 kg/m3 g=9.81 m/s2  q=100%+10%=1+10010=1.1  v2=q v1=1011 92300=10 911 2300=9025300=92530281.1111 m/s  p=ρ g h=0.36 9.81 11000=5194238=38847.6 Pa  p1 + ρ g h + 21 ρ v12 = p2 + ρ g h + 21 ρ v22  p1 + 21 ρ v12 = p2 + 21 ρ v22  Δ = p2p1  Δ=21 ρ (v22v12)=21 ρ (925302923002)=37406 Pa=2468.67 Pa

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