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The PQR triangle with a circumference of 25.5 cm has sides in a ratio of 4:6:5. Determine the lengths of its sides.

Correct answer:

p =  6.8 cm
q =  10.2 cm
r =  8.5 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

o=25.5 cm p:q:r=4:6:5 = 4x:6x:5x  x=4+6+5o=4+6+525.5=1017=1.7 cm  p=4 x=4 1017=104 17=1068=534 cm=6.8 cm
q=6 x=6 1017=106 17=10102=551 cm=10.2 cm
r=5 x=5 1017=105 17=1085=217 cm=8.5 cm

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