Trapezoid 45

Trapezoid with:

Area: 345 1/2 sq cm

base 1= 15 1/3 cm

height= 4 1/5 cm

What size has base 2?

Correct answer:

c =  149 421 = 3133/21 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

A=34521=345+21=2345 2+1=2690+1=2691=345.5 cm2 a=1531=15+31=315 3+1=345+1=34615.3333 cm h=451=4+51=54 5+1=520+1=521=4.2 cm  A=2a+c h  c=h2 Aa=5212 2691346=213133149.1905 cm   Verifying Solution:   S=2a+c h=2346+213133 521=2691=345.5 cm2

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