The probability

The probability that a life bulb will have a lifetime of more than 682 hours is 0.9788. The probability that a bulb will have a lifetime of more than 703 hours is 0.0051. Find the probability that a bulb will last for more than 648 hours.

Correct answer:

p =  1

Step-by-step explanation:

P(x>682) = 0.9788 P(x>703) = 0.0051  P(z<z1) = P(x<682) = 1P(x>682) = 10.9788=0.0212 P(z<z2) = P(x<703) = 1  P(x>703) = 10.0051=0.9949  z1=2.023 z2=2.57  z1 =  σxμ = sxm  z1 s=682m z2 s=703m (2.023) s=682m 2.57 s=703m  m2.023s=682 m+2.57s=703  Row2Row1Row2 m2.02s=682 4.59s=21  s=4.59321=4.57217505 m=682+2.023s=682+2.023 4.57217505=691.24951012  m=691.24951 s=4.572175  z3=s648m=4.5722648691.24959.4593  P(x>648)=P(z>z3)=P(z>9.46)=1  p=1

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