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Jo buys 120 bunches of daffodils for a total of £80 and 80 bunches of tulips for a total of £50. Jo then sells the flowers in a market. In the morning, Jo sells 75 bunches of daffodils for 80p a bunch and 50 bunches of tulips for 90p a bunch. In the afternoon, Jo sells all the bunches of flowers she has left for 20p a bunch. Does Jo make a profit?

Correct answer:

p =  -10 lb

Step-by-step explanation:

a=80/120=320.6667 b=50/80=85=0.625  r=120+807550=75  p=75 0.80+50 0.90+r 0.208050=75 0.80+50 0.90+75 0.208050=10=10 lb  p<0  No

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