Ivan rented

Ivan rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $14.95, and he drove an additional charge of 73 cents for each mile. Ivan had to pay $114.96 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

Correct answer:

x =  137 mi

Step-by-step explanation:

114.96 = 14.95 + 0.73 x  x=0.73114.9614.95=137 mi

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Math student
In this problem, the unknown variable is the number of miles that Ivan drove the truck, so we can assign it the letter x. The base fee of $14.95 and the additional charge of 73 cents for each mile are constants that we can use to write the equation. The total amount that Ivan had to pay, $114.96, is the result of the equation. Therefore, we can write the equation as:

14.95 + 0.73x = 114.96

To simplify the equation, we can subtract 14.95 from both sides:

0.73x = 100.01

Then, we can divide both sides by 0.73 to isolate x:

x = 100.01 / 0.73

Using a calculator, we can find the value of x:

x = 137.01

This means that Ivan drove the truck for 137.01 miles. To check the solution, we can plug it back into the equation and see if it equals 114.96:

14.95 + 0.73(137.01) = 114.96

Using a calculator, we can verify that this is true. Therefore, the solution is correct and makes sense in the context of the problem. Ivan drove the truck for 137.01 miles.

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