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A Boy Scout group plans to sell bags of popcorn to raise money for a camping trip. To determine the number of bags they should order, they randomly surveyed 60 people and asked which flavor of popcorn they preferred. Listed below are the results:

Plain 9
Butter 24
Cheese 12
Caramel 15

If the troop is ordering 500 bags of popcorn, how many should be plain based on this survey?

Correct answer:

P =  75
B =  200
C1 =  100
C2 =  125

Step-by-step explanation:

k=60500=325=8318.3333  P=9 k=9 325=39 25=3225=75
B=24 k=24 325=324 25=3600=200
C1=12 k=12 325=312 25=3300=100
C2=15 k=15 325=315 25=3375=125

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