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The heating coil of the cooker has a resistance of 70.5 ohms and is made of a wire with a diameter of 0.30 mm and a length of 9.8 m. Determine the resistivity of the material from which it is made.

Correct answer:

ρ =  5.085E-7 Ωm

Step-by-step explanation:

R=70.5 Ω d=0.30 mm m=0.30:1000  m=0.0003 m l=9.8 m  r=d/2=0.0003/2=2000030.0002 m S=π r2=3.1416 0.000227.0686108 m2  R=ρ Sl  ρ=lR S=9.870.5 7.0686108=5.085107 Ωm

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