Single-digit 80674

There are cows, ducks, and geese on the farm. They have a total of 126 legs. Ducks are 3 more than houses. And there are 20 cows. If we count all the animals, we have to divide them by the number three, and we should get a single-digit number.

Correct answer:

a =  13
b =  10
n =  43

Step-by-step explanation:

k=20  4k+2a+2b=126 a=3+b 4 20+2a+2b=126 a=3+b  4 20+2 a+2 b=126 a=3+b  2a+2b=46 ab=3  Row221 Row1Row2 2a+2b=46 2b=20  b=220=10 a=2462b=2462 10=13  a=13 b=10
n=k+a+b=20+13+10=43  Verifying Solution:  x=n/3=43/3=343=143114.3333

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