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The product of two numbers we know. If we increase the first factor by 2 and decrease the second factor by two, the product increases by 4. How much does the product change if we decrease the first factor by 3 and increase the second factor by 3?

Correct answer:

s =  3

Step-by-step explanation:

x y=z (x+2)(y2)=z+4 x y4+2y2x=z+4 z4+2y2x=z+4 2y2x=8 yx=4  x=y4 y=x+4 z=x y = x(x+4)  (x+3)(y3) = xy9+3y3x = z 9+3y3 (y4) = z9+3y3y+12 (x+3)(y3) = z9+12 = z+3  s=3   Verifying Solution:  x=13 y=x+4=13+4=17  z1=x y=13 17=221 z2=(x+2) (y2)=(13+2) (172)=225 z3=(x+3) (y3)=(13+3) (173)=224  s2=z3z1=224221=3 s2=s

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