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Last year, Peter's Market ordered 15 1/2 pounds of plums from a local orchard. This year, the market plans to order 1 1/4 times as many pounds of plums as were ordered last year. They want 2/5 of this order to be red plums. What is the total amount, in pounds, of red plums the market plans to order this year? (HINT!! Multiply all 3 numbers together at once so that you can cross-cancel. )

Write your answer as a mixed number.

Show your work.

Correct answer:

m =  7 34 = 31/4 lb

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1521=15+21=215 2+1=230+1=231=15.5 lb b=141=1+41=41 4+1=44+1=45=1.25 lb c=52=0.4  m=a b c=231 45 52=431 lb=743 lb=7.75 lb

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