The pet

Ananya has a bunny. She bought 4 7/8 pounds of carrots. She fed her bunny 1 1/4 pounds of carrots the first week. She fed her bunny 5/6 pounds of carrots the second week. Altogether, how many pounds of carrots did she feed her bunny?

1. Draw a tape diagram to show your understanding of the question.
2. Write and solve one or more equations to show how you reached your answer. Show your work.
3. Write an answer statement. Reduce if possible.

Correct answer:

x =  2 112 = 25/12 lb

Step-by-step explanation:

A=487=4+87=84 8+7=832+7=839=4.875 lb B=141=1+41=41 4+1=44+1=45=1.25 lb C=650.8333 lb  x=B+C=45+65=1215+1210=1215+10=1225=1225 lb=2121 lb=2.0833 lb

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