One weekend

One weekend, Raul worked 5 ¾ hours on Saturday and 2 ⅔ hours on Sunday. How many hours did Raul work that weekend?

a. What is asked? b. What is given? c. What operation should be used? a. What is the number sentence? b. Show your solution:

Correct answer:

w =  8 512 = 101/12 h

Step-by-step explanation:

a=543=5+43=45 4+3=420+3=423=5.75 h b=232=2+32=32 3+2=36+2=382.6667 h  w=a+b=423+38=1269+1232=1269+32=12101=12101 h=8125 h=8.4167 h

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