Jackie 2

Jackie bought an equal number of tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs. Along the length of her garden, Jackie planted 6 daffodil bulbs and 3 tulip bulbs per foot. She has 5 daffodil bulbs and 29 tulip bulbs remaining to plant elsewhere. How long is Jackie's garden? How many tulip and daffodil bulbs did Jackie buy?

Correct answer:

t =  53
d =  53

Step-by-step explanation:

t=d  5=t6a 29=t3a  5=t6 a 29=t3 a  6at=5 3at=29  Row263 Row1Row2 6at=5 0.5t=26.5  t=0.526.5=53 a=65+t=65+53=8  a=8 t=53  a=8  ft
d=t=53   Verifying Solution:   T=t6 a=536 8=5 R=d3 a=533 8=29

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