Maximilian 81372

Tadeas the beetle set off from the house towards the cabbage leaf at a 20 m/min speed. Two minutes later, the Maximilian beetle followed him at 24 m/min speed. They both came to the cabbage leaf at the same time. How far was the letter from their house?

Correct answer:

x =  240 m

Step-by-step explanation:

v1=20 m/min v2=24 m/min Δ=2 min  x=x1=x2  v1 t=v2 (tΔ) 20 t=24 (t2)  4t=48  t=448=12  t=12  x=v1 t=20 12=240   Verifying Solution:   x2=v2 (tΔ)=24 (122)=240 m

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