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Lengths of 130 tubes are measured. The arithmetic mean is 17.27 cm, and the standard deviation is 1.2 cm. How many tubes do have a length:
a) between 16.5 cm and 18.1 cm
b) greater than 17 cm

Correct answer:

a =  64
b =  77

Step-by-step explanation:

m=17.27 cm σ=1.2 cm  n=130  p0 = P(16.5cm<x<18.1cm)  p0=0.4949  a=p0 n=0.4949 130=64

Use the normal distribution table.
p1 = P(x>17cm)  p1=0.589  b=p1 n=0.589 130=77

Use the normal distribution table.

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