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We have a profit of 40000e, and the work took 30 days. The first worker is promised 38% of the profit but only works for 15 days, the second worker is promised 33% of the profit and works for 20 days, and the third is promised 28% of the profit and works for 28 days. How do we fairly distribute the profit among the workers?

Correct answer:

a =  11165.524
b =  12928.5015
c =  15905.9745

Step-by-step explanation:

z=40000 p1=38%=10038=5019=0.38 p2=33%=10033=0.33 p3=1p1p2=10.380.33=10029=0.29  r1=3015=21=0.5 r2=3020=320.6667 r3=3028=15140.9333  s=r1+r2+r3=0.5+0.6667+0.9333=1021=2101=2.1  k1=r1 p1=0.5 0.38=10019=0.19 k2=r2 p2=0.6667 0.33=5011=0.22 k3=r3 p3=0.9333 0.29=7502030.2707  K=1/(k1+k2+k3)=1/(0.19+0.22+0.2707)1.4691  P1=K k1=1.4691 0.19=10212850.2791 P2=K k2=1.4691 0.22=10213300.3232 P3=K k3=1.4691 0.2707=10214060.3976  a=P1 z=0.2791 40000=11165.524
b=P2 z=0.3232 40000=12928.5015
c=P3 z=0.3976 4000015905.9745   Verifying Solution:  S=a+b+c=11165.524+12928.5015+15905.9745=40000 eur

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