Harvested 82548

Farmers harvested 1110q of grain from 37 hectares of wheat.
a) how many q of wheat did they harvest from 12 hectares?
b) how many grains were harvested from 1 m2.
C) how big is the side of the square of the field from which they harvested 1q of wheat?

Correct answer:

a =  360 q
b =  0.3 kg
c =  18.2574 m

Step-by-step explanation:

h=1110/37=30 q/ha  a=12 h=12 30=360 q
S1=1 ha m2=1 10000  m2=10000 m2 b1=h/S1=30/10000=10003=0.003 q  b=b1 kg=b1 100  kg=0.003 100  kg=0.3 kg=0.3 kg
h S3=1 q  S3=1/h=1/30=3010.0333 ha S4=S3 m2=S3 10000  m2=0.0333 10000  m2=333.33333 m2  S4 = c2 = c c c=S4=333.3333=18.2574 m

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