Days, hours, minutes

Add the following:
1 day 18 hr 45 m 55 sec,
13 hr 55 m 58 sec and
23 hr 49 m 45 sec

Correct answer:

s =  38
m =  31
h =  8
d =  3

Step-by-step explanation:

s0=55+58+45=158 m0=s0/60=158/60=2 s=s060 m0=15860 2=38
m1=m0+45+55+49=2+45+55+49=151 h0=m1/60=151/60=2  m=m160 h0=15160 2=31
h1=h0+18+13+23=2+18+13+23=56 d0=h1/24=56/24=2  h=h124 d0=5624 2=8
d=d0+1+0+0=2+1+0+0=3  3d 8h 31m 38s

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