Least common multiple calculator

LCM(9, 15) = 32×5 = 45

9 = 32
15 = 3×5
LCM = 32×5 = 45

45 / 9 = 5

45 / 15 = 3

What is LCM?

The least common multiple (also called the lowest common multiple or smallest common multiple or LCM) of one or more integer numbers is the smallest positive integer divisible by all these numbers.

So, how do you find the LCM of two numbers? It's simpler than you might think. First, list the prime factors of each number. Then, identify the factors that appear in both lists. Finally, multiply these common factors by the highest power they appear in either list. This will give you the LCM of the two numbers.

For three or more numbers, proceed similarly and multiply the largest found powers of prime factors of given numbers.

See divisors of numbers 9, 15, 45.

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