Dealer sells digital camera for € 747. Thirty percent of the price was his profit. After some time, decreased interest in selling the camera and reduced its sales price by 11 %.

How much percent of the new price now is the dealer's profit? Round the result to two decimal places.

Correct answer:

x =  21.35 %

Step-by-step explanation:

c=747 eur p1=30%=10030=103=0.3 p2=11%=10011=0.11  z=c p1=747 103=10747 3=102241=224.1 eur h=cz=747102241=10747 10102241=107470102241=1074702241=105229=522.9 eur c2=cc p2=747747 10011=664.83 eur  x=100 c2c2h=100 1006648310066483105229=891900%=21.35%

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