Cylinder diameter

The surface of the cylinder is 149 cm2. The cylinder height is 6 cm. What is the diameter of this cylinder?

Correct answer:

D =  5.439 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

S=2πr2+2πrh S=πD2/2+πDh  πD2/2+πDhS=0 πD2/2+π6D149=0  1.570796D2+18.85D149=0  a=1.570796;b=18.85;c=149 D=b24ac=18.85241.570796(149)=1291.5001744392 D>0  D1,2=2ab±D=3.14159218.85±1291.5 D1,2=6.00000125±11.439247387667 D1=5.4392461394026 D2=17.439248635932   Factored form of the equation:  1.570796(D5.4392461394026)(D+17.439248635932)=0  D>0 D5.439 cm

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