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A cone-shaped container with a bottom diameter of 60 cm and a side length of 0.5 m is filled with water. We pour the water into a container with the face of a cylinder with a radius of 3dm and a height of 20cm. Will the cylinder overflow or not be complete? Calculate how much water will overflow or, on the contrary, must be topped up.

Correct answer:

V1 =  37699.1118 cm3
V2 =  56548.6678 cm3
x =  -18849.5559 cm3

Step-by-step explanation:

D=60 cm s=0.50 m cm=0.50 100  cm=50 cm  r1=D/2=60/2=30 cm h=s2r12=502302=40 cm V1=31 π r12 h=31 3.1416 302 40=37699.1118 cm3
r2=3 dm cm=3 10  cm=30 cm h2=20 cm  V2=π r22 h2=3.1416 302 20=56548.6678 cm3
x=V1V2=152573026530417190795=3041146053030417190795=3041146053017190795=3045730265=18849.5559 cm3

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