Championship 1676

A district championship of primary school pupils took place at the athletics stadium. In athletics, they competed in four disciplines:
long jump,
high jump,
60m run,
400m run.

Peter counted from the stands the person present in the stadium area. Seventeen boys and 14 girls prepared for the long jump at the landing area. There were two more judges. A total of 24 pupils took part in the high jump, there were two boys more than the girls, and three judges supervised the competition. For the 60m run, the students were divided into a total of 7 starts, five competitors - 4 runs were boys, and the rest were girls. There was one starter at the start and one timekeeper at the finish line, 26 competitors. We're preparing to run 400 m.

a) How many people in the stadium did Peter count?
b) How many competitors were there?
c) Which competitors were more in jumping (high and long) or running (60m and 400m)? About how much?

d) Peter found out that there is the same number of competing girls as boys at the stadium. How many boys ran 400 m?


a =  123
b =  116

b =c =  6
d =  8

Step-by-step explanation:

a=17+14+2+24+3+7 5+2+26=123
b=17+14+24+7 5+26=116
c=(7 5+26)(17+14+24)=6

17+2+4·5+d = 14+0+3·5+(26-d)

2d = 16

d = 16/2 = 8

d = 8

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