Of the 35 students of the class were 7 on holiday in Germany and just as much in Italy. 5 students visited Austria. In none of these countries was 21 students, all three visited by one student. In Italy and Austria were 2 students and in Austria and Germany was 1 student. How many students visited Germany or Italy (a), Austria or Italy (b), Germany or Austria (c)?

Correct answer:

a =  11
b =  9
c =  10

Step-by-step explanation:

I=7 N=7 R=5 IR=2 RN=1 INR=1  I+N+RINRx110=3521 7+7+51x110=3521  x=2  a=N+IxINR=7+721=11
c=N+R11=7+511=10   Verifying Solution:  t=3+2+1+1+0+4+3+21=35

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