A military fighter flies at an altitude of 10 km. The ground position was aimed at an altitude angle of 23° and 12 seconds later at an altitude angle of 27°. Calculate the speed of the fighter in km/h.

Correct answer:

v =  1179.7256 km/h

Step-by-step explanation:

α=23  β=27  h=10 km m=10 1000  m=10000 m t=12 s  tanα=h/x1 tanβ=h/x2  x1=h/tanα=h/tan23° =10000/tan23° =10000/0.424475=23558.52366 m x2=h/tanβ=h/tan27° =10000/tan27° =10000/0.509525=19626.10506 m  x=x1x2=23558.523719626.10513932.4186 m  v1=x/t=3932.4186/12327.7016 m/s v=v1 km/h=v1 3.6  km/h=327.7016 3.6  km/h=1179.726 km/h=1179.7256 km/h

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