2 cyclists and car

One cyclist rides at a constant speed over a bridge. It is 100 meters long. When he is 40 meters behind, he meets an oncoming cyclist riding at the same speed. The car travels along the bridge in the same direction as the first cyclist at a speed of 70 km/h.
He meets another cyclist as the cyclist leaves the bridge. He overtakes the first cyclist exactly at the other end of the bridge. What speed did the cyclists drive?

Correct answer:

v =  14 km/h

Step-by-step explanation:

s1=40 m s2=100 m  v2=70 km/h s3=s22 s1=1002 40=20 m  s3 = v t s2 = v2 t  v/v2 = s3/s2  v=v2 s2s3=70 10020=10070 20=1001400=14 km/h

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Need help how do we get 2.s1

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