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A car travels 11000dm per minute, and a motorcycle travels at a speed of 330 m in 11s. They leave Prague from the same place, and the motorcycle leaves 45 minutes later behind the car. Who will be closer to Vimperek after an hour and a quarter of riding the motorcycle? By how many km?

Correct answer:

s =  3 km

Step-by-step explanation:

v1=11000/10/60=35518.3333 m/s v2=330/11=30 m/s t2=(1+1/4) 3600=4500 s t1=t2+45 60=4500+45 60=7200 s s1=v1 t1=18.3333 7200=132000 m s2=v2 t2=30 4500=135000 m s=s1s2/1000=132000135000/1000=3 km

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