Speed of Slovakian trains

Rudolf took the train from the station 'Ostratice' to 'Horné Ozorovce'. In the train timetables found train Os 5409 :

10Dolné Naštice15:3115:31
14Bánovce nad Bebravou15:3515:36
16Horné Ozorovce15:3915:40
28Trenčianske Jastrabie15:5615:56
33Mníchova Lehota16:0316:04
43Trenčianska Turná16:1816:18
47Trenčín predmestie16:2216:23

Calculate the average speed between these stations, travel distance, and time.

Correct answer:

s =  11 km
t =  0.27 h
v =  41.25 km/h

Step-by-step explanation:

s=165=11 km
t=(1515)+(3923)/60=0.27 h
v=(165)/((1515)+(3923)/60)=41.25 km/h

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