Chained winch

When digging a well, a chained winch is used to balance the material. An empty shackle weighs 8 kg, a full 64 kg. What force must the worker exert on the crank handle when pulling the shackle with a uniform movement from a depth of 5 m if the shaft diameter is 20 cm and the crank length is 60 cm?

Correct answer:

F =  117.72 N

Step-by-step explanation:

g=9.81 m/s2 D1=20 cm m=20:100  m=0.2 m r2=60 cm m=60:100  m=0.6 m m1=8 kg m2=64 kg  r1=D1/2=51/2=101=0.1 m m=m1+m2=8+64=72 kg G=m g=72 9.81=2517658=706.32 N  G r1=F r2  F=G r2r1=2517658 53101=252943 N=117.72 N

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