Potatoes bags

I have three bags with 21 kg of potatoes. The first bag is 5.5 kg more than the second bag, and the third is 0.5 kg more than the second bag. Determine how many kgs of potatoes are in each bag.

Correct answer:

a =  10.5 kg
b =  5 kg
c =  5.5 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

a+b+c=21 a=b+5.5 c=0.5+b  a+b+c=21 ab=5.5 bc=0.5  Row2Row1Row2 a+b+c=21 2bc=15.5 bc=0.5  Row321 Row2Row3 a+b+c=21 2bc=15.5 1.5c=8.25  c=1.58.25=5.5 b=215.5+c=215.5+5.5=5 a=21bc=2155.5=10.5  a=221=10.5 b=5 c=211=5.5

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Math student
A boarding needs 75kg of potatoes to feed 250 learners.How many kg of potatoes needed to feed 600 learners?

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I Wll Kll U
this webbsite  sucks

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