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Farmer Joe ordered three bags of soil last month. Each bag weighed 4 ⅖ kilograms. He used the first bag in a week. At the end of this month, there were 2 ¾ kilograms of soil left in the second bag and ⅞ kilograms of soil left in the third bag. How much soil was used this month?

Correct answer:

u =  9 2340 = 383/40 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

n=3 m1=452=4+52=54 5+2=520+2=522=4.4 kg l1=0 kg l2=243=2+43=42 4+3=48+3=411=2.75 kg l3=87=0.875 kg  m=n m1=3 522=53 22=566=13.2 kg l=l1+l2+l3=0+411+87=829=3.625 kg  u=ml=566829=4052840145=40528145=40383=40383 kg=94023 kg=9.575 kg

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3 1/4 + 2 5/6

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