The germination of seeds of a certain species of carrot is 96%. What is the probability that at least 25 seeds out of 30 will germinate?

Correct answer:

p =  0.9989

Step-by-step explanation:

C25(30)=(2530)=25!(3025)!30!=543213029282726=142506 C26(30)=(2630)=26!(3026)!30!=432130292827=27405 C27(30)=(2730)=27!(3027)!30!=321302928=4060 C28(30)=(2830)=28!(3028)!30!=213029=435 C29(30)=(2930)=29!(3029)!30!=130=30 C30(30)=(3030)=30!(3030)!30!=11=1 k=96%=10096=2524=0.96 q=1k=10.96=251=0.04 n=30  p25=(25n) k25 q5=142506 0.9625 0.0450.0053 p26=(26n) k26 q4=27405 0.9626 0.0440.0243 p27=(27n) k27 q3=4060 0.9627 0.0430.0863 p28=(28n) k28 q2=435 0.9628 0.0420.2219 p29=(29n) k29 q1=30 0.9629 0.0410.3673 p30=(30n) k30 q0=1 0.9630 0.0400.2939  p=p25+p26+p27+p28+p29+p30=0.0053+0.0243+0.0863+0.2219+0.3673+0.2939=0.9989

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