An experiment

The three friends agreed to the experiment. At the same time, they all took out an empty cylindrical container on the windowsill and placed it so that it was horizontal. Everyone lives in a different village, and each uses a container with a different bottom diameter. When they met the next day after the rain, they shared the results of their experiment. Jan's vessel had a bottom area of 400 mm2 and measured a volume of 16 cm3, Charles's vessel had an area of 10 cm2 and measured 0.4 dm3, and Wenceslas's vessel had a bottom area of 0.2 dm2 and measured 0.4 l of water.

At what height from the bottom was the water level after the rain a) Jan, b) Charles, c) Wenceslas?

Correct answer:

a =  40 mm
b =  400 mm
c =  200 mm

Step-by-step explanation:

S1=400 mm2 V1=16 cm3 mm3=16 1000  mm3=16000 mm3  V1=S1 a  a=V1/S1=16000/400=40 mm
S2=10 cm2 mm2=10 100  mm2=1000 mm2 V2=0.4 dm3 mm3=0.4 1000000  mm3=400000 mm3  V2=S2 b  b=V2/S2=400000/1000=400 mm
S3=0.2 dm2 mm2=0.2 10000  mm2=2000 mm2 V3=0.4 l mm3=0.4 1000000  mm3=400000 mm3  V3=S3 c  c=V3/S3=400000/2000=200 mm

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