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At a distance of 10 m from the river bank, they measured the base AB = 50 m parallel to the bank. Point C on the other bank of the river is visible from point A at an angle of 32°30' and from point B at an angle of 42°15'. Calculate the width of the river.

Correct answer:

x =  96.6618 m

Step-by-step explanation:

A=32+30/600.5672 rad B=42+15/600.7374 rad k1=tan(A)=tan0.56720.6371 k2=tan(B)=tan0.73740.9083  tan(B) = (10+x)/y tan(A) = (10+x)/(50+y)   y   tan(B) = (10+x) (50+y)   tan(A) = (10+x) y   tan(B) = (50+y)  tan(A) y=(50 k1)/(k2k1)=(50 0.6371)/(0.90830.6371)117.4255 m x=y k210=117.4255 0.908310=96.6618 m

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