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Adam (A) stands on one river bank, and Bedrich (B) stands on the other. To determine their distance, the base AC with a length of 136 m and the angles CAB with a size of 70°21' and ACB with a size of 43°44' were measured on one river bank. What is the distance between Adam and Bedrich?

Correct answer:

AB =  102.8474 m

Step-by-step explanation:

AC=136 m  CAB=70°21=70°+6021°=70.35°=70.35 ACB=43°41=43°+6041°=43.6833°43.6833  ABC=180CABACB=18070.3543.6833=30197965.9667   sin ACB : sin ABC = AB : AC  AB=AC sinABCsinACB=AC sin65.966666666667° sin43.683333333333° =136 sin65.966666666667° sin43.683333333333° =136 0.9133090.690672=102.847=102.8474 m

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