Perimeter of a triangle

If the perimeter of a triangle is 6 2/3 cm and the lengths of two sides are 2 1/2 cm and 3 1/3 cm, find the length of the third side.

Correct answer:

c =  5/6 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

p=632=6+32=36 3+2=318+2=3206.6667 cm a=221=2+21=22 2+1=24+1=25=2.5 cm b=331=3+31=33 3+1=39+1=3103.3333 cm  a+b+c = p  c=p(a+b)=320(25+310)=650.8333 cm   Verifying Solution:  c1=a+b>c a1=b+c>a b1=c+a>b  c1=a+b=25+310=615+620=615+20=6355.8333 cm a1=b+c=310+65=620+65=620+5=6254.1667 cm b1=a1+c1=625+635=625+35=660=10 cm

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