Matilda measures the perimeter of her bedroom to determine how many feet of the border she needs to go around the tops of the walls. Two walls are each 96 inches long, and two walls are each 3 yards long. She pays $30 for a border that costs $1 per foot. What steps should you take to determine if Matilda bought the correct amount of border? Select all that apply.

Calculate the area of Matilda's bedroom.
Convert so that Matilda's wall measurements are both in the same units.
Calculate the number of feet of the border that Matilda bought.
Add 48 inches and 1.5 yards to obtain the perimeter of Matilda's bedroom.
Compare the number of feet of border Matilda bought with the number of feet in the perimeter of her bedroom.

Correct answer:

p =  34 ft
x =  30 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

a=96 in ft=96:12  ft=8 ft b=3 yd ft=3 3  ft=9 ft  p=2 (a+b)=2 (8+9)=34 ft
c=30 USD l=1 USD/ft  x=c/l=30/1=30=30 ft  x < p

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