University 5680

One company employed a university student on a farm for the entire month of June by paying him €16 and a full board for one day. If he did not work that day, he had to pay €6 for the meal. How many days did the student work if he earned €348 in the month of June?

Correct answer:

a =  24

Step-by-step explanation:

 16a  6b = 348 16=24 6=23 348=22329 GCD(16,6,348)=2  x=GCD(16,6,348)=2  a>0; b>0  2.2.2.a  3.b = 2.3.29 a = 3n; b = 8n  58; n 8 n=8 a=3 n=3 8=24 b=8 n58=8 858=6

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