Car factory

The carmaker now produces 2 cars a day more than last year, so the production of 70312 cars will save just one full working day. How many working days were needed to manufacture 70312 cars last year?

Correct answer:

w =  188 d

Step-by-step explanation:

(x+2) (w1)=70312 wx=70312  (70312/w+2) (w1)=70312  (70312+2w)(w1)=70312w  (70312+2 w) (w1)=70312 w 2w22w70312=0  a=2;b=2;c=70312 D=b24ac=2242(70312)=562500 D>0  w1,2=2ab±D=42±562500 w1,2=42±750 w1,2=0.5±187.5 w1=188 w2=187   Factored form of the equation:  2(w188)(w+187)=0  w=w1=188 x1=70312/w=70312/188=374 a/d w=w1=188=188 d

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