Find two digits

Find the possible values of A and B if the six-digit number 2A16B6 is divisible by 4 and 9. Please write the result as a composed number.

Correct answer:

x1 =  201636
x2 =  221616
x3 =  231696
x4 =  251676
x5 =  271656
x6 =  291636

Step-by-step explanation:

x1=201636 a1 = 0, b1=3 v1=201636/4=50409 k1=201636/9=22404
x2=221616 a2 = 2, b2=1 v2=221616/4=55404 k2=221616/9=24624
x3=231696 a3 = 3, b3=9 v3=231696/4=57924 k3=231696/9=25744
x4=251676 a4 = 5, b4=7 v4=251676/4=62919 k4=251676/9=27964
x5=271656 a5 = 7, b5=5 v5=271656/4=67914 k5=271656/9=30184
x6=291636 a6 = 9, b6=3 v6=291636/4=72909 k6=291636/9=32404

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