Mr. Ofori

Mr. Ofori starts a job with an annual salary of 6400, which increases by 240 every year. After working for eight years, Mr. Ofori was promoted to a new post with an annual salary of 9500, which increased by 360 every year. Find
I. Mr. Ofori's salary in the fifteenth year is service
ii. Mr. Ofori's total earnings at the end of the fifteenth year of service

Correct answer:

a15 =  11660
s15 =  131980

Step-by-step explanation:

a1=6400 d1=240  an=a1+(n1) d a8=a1+(81) d1=6400+(81) 240=8080  a9=9500 d2=360  a15=a9+(159) d2=9500+(159) 360=11660
s1=2a8+a1 8=28080+6400 8=57920  s2=2a15+a9 7=211660+9500 7=74060  s15=s1+s2=57920+74060=131980

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