Saving at market shop

Mr. Akpalu went to a market to purchase 3 kg of sugar, 10 kg of wheat and 1 kg of salt. In a shop near to Mr. Akpalu's residence, these commodities are priced at € 20, €10 and € 6 per kg whereas in the local market these commodities are priced at € 15, 8 and € 6 per kg respectively. If the cost of traveling to local market is € 25, find the net savings of Mr. Akpalu, using matrix multiplication method.

Correct answer:

s =  10 eur

Step-by-step explanation:

m1=3 kg m2=10 kg m3=1 kg  a=m1 20+m2 10+m3 6=3 20+10 10+1 6=166 eur b=m1 15+m2 8+m3 6=3 15+10 8+1 6=131 eur  s=ab25=16613125=10 eur

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