A car

A car weighing 1.05 tonnes driving at the maximum allowed speed in the village (50 km/h) hit a solid concrete bulkhead. Calculate height would have to fall on the concrete surface to make the impact intensity the same as in the first case!

Correct answer:

h =  9.6451 m

Step-by-step explanation:

m=1.05 t kg=1.05 1000  kg=1050 kg v=50 km/h m/s=50:3.6  m/s=13.88889 m/s  g=10 m/s2  v=gt t=v/g=13.8889/10=18251.3889 s  h=21 g t2=21 10 1.38892=3243125 m=9.6451 m

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